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Czyszczenie powierzchni i renowacja obiektów
metodą hydrościerania niskociśnieniowego bez środków chemicznych

Film prezentuje czyszczenie graffiti ze ściany

Hydro abrasion low pressure, Hydrowir® technology is based on using the building clean water and raw abraded completely neutral ground and not harmful to the environment and urban planning. The method consists of a rotating vortex of water and granulated at a low pressure of 0.5 to 2.5 bar.

Hydro abrasion can remove debris from the surface of all kinds of architecture- outside and inside the building, regaining its former color, without affecting the structure of the substrate, for example:

  • inner layer of stone
  • joints or grain of the wood.

It can be used to perform the delicate work on the clean sandstone, historic brick, removing graffiti, cleaning and facade decorations in cornices, statues, figurines, which makes it a very useful and recommended by conservators and architects for the restoration of monuments.

The pressure is so low that without risk you can plant a working hand under the nozzle, which excludes an error on the job.

This technology also allows you to dry clean without water.

  • Prosta droga do czystej elewacji
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  • Technologia Hydrowir bez użycia chemii
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